Domain Registration

Get a domain name of your choice for your website. Choosing a domain name is as important as naming your business. Sometimes, your company name could itself be a domain name, by having so, it increases your company's brand value. At times, it would be necessary to choose a domain with respect to your business. At Web Creation Team, we understand our customer's business to get them an apt domain name for the internet world.

Server Hosting

Be it a dedicated hosting service or a managed hosting, whatever your development plans are, Web Creation Team offers a flexible range of server hosting meeting your business demand. For businesses and organizations that deal with data-heavy files such as videos, photos and graphics, or international companies that need to host several platforms, containing geo-specific information, the performance, security and flexibility of a server is integral to the continued growth of your online presence. A dedicated Server hosting means you put less strain on your personal hardware, ensuring reliability and cost efficiency over the long term. Dedicated and upgradable storage means you should never be short of virtual space. And finally, high powered centralized servers provide your site with lightning speeds and exceptional up-time. Small businesses need not have to go for Dedicated server, unless there are performance issues. At  Web Creation Team, we also offer managed hosting services for small & medium enterprises having in mind on their IT budget. These services can be expanded at any point of time hassle free.